The "fine print". This certificate is our way of saying "THANK YOU" for the sacrifices and risks that face our front line healthcare, fire, police and ambulance staff. Presented as a certificate with a 1-year expiration so if you don't need an oil change now you can use it in the future. We appreciate your hard work and devotion to your profession. This offer is not valid for furloughed, temporarily laid off or terminated employees or otherwise "home-bound" staff. Please keep this in mind when presenting the offer for validation. ID or proof of profession may be required for validation. Vehicles that require special or large quantity lubricants will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The offer is for the vehicle that is used as a "daily commuter" to get you back and forth from your profession. Call, text, email or stop in to claim your reward. 1 per person. Thank you!


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